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It Looks Like the Deus Ex Project Revision mod Will be Coming Soon.

The Project Revision team is pretty bad about updating their blog, with the only news post this y year being an April Fools joke and the acknowledgement it will be coming soon.

Project Revision is a bit of an overhaul for the aging Deus Ex: The Conspiracy. Spiffying up the graphics, rolling in new features, rebalancing some gameplay, and throwing in some improved models in attempt to bring the seminal FPS a little closer to the present.

But, apart from the blog there was another way to track the mod; their Development Progress page. And just today it was updated to show they had completed not just all the levels and environments, but the new in-game cinematics as well.

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All that’s left is “Datavault Images” and some “etc” stuff that is most likely just tying together the installer binary, folding in the optional mods, and reserving some time to knock out a couple of the last little kinks.

The closest to that coming out of the mod team officially though is confirmation of the coming beta:

We are very close to release right now and beta testers will be contacted shortly. More info soon to come :)


While we don’t know how long they’ll want to keep it in Beta, it’s pretty clear that we’ll all have the opportunity to play DE: Revision very soon.


As of today the Datavault Images are listed as complete!

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